"This is the intro and first track for my first project, The Last Inca.

Shoutout to Flight of the Conchords on the sample.

Next tracks coming soon.”

This is dat hot fire


walking past your crush like

Yesterday I was in a group research meeting where the graduate students meet and discuss their research and holy fuck these people are really smart. One guy was thinking about a problem the group was discussing and proceeded to write an extremely complex mechanism on the board to explain what he was talking about it. The atmosphere here is inspiring and I don’t want to leave. Summer just started and I’m already loving it. 


this post is my dream come true


art by Aleksandra Waliszewska

Second time seeing Oblivion live and it was just as great #govballnyc #grimes #oblivion (at The Governors Ball Music Festival)


idk but i put it up on s6 if you dig it



seeing her perform later on today <3

Bought these babies 2 days ago 

Yann Tiersen - La Valse D'Amelie (Piano Version)


La Valse D’Amelie (Piano Version) - Yann Tiersen



learning to play this on the piano brb


Watercolor and ink

white woman: men are awful
white man: not all men!
white woman: yes but enough men so that i feel endangered, your comment is unnecessary and derails the dialogue of women's issues that i am attempting to engage in
person of color: white people are awful
white woman: not all white people!
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